Friday, January 06, 2006

Dear Friends: This is our class Form 2A in the year 1967.
Go through the faces and do you recognise them?
Less than 12 names right: Fail, must go for senile test
13 to 22 correct names: take gingko tablets
23 to 30 names correct:you are OK no pill required
more than 30 names correct:young man/woman!
If you don't know the Maths answer, you go to the back
of the book to take a peek(actually copy)
Now, you want the answer, you look below:
Standing behind row(left to right):
Chua Kim Teck, Boo Hian, Chou Kan Yin, Huan Meng Chun, Lee Chin Meng, Zainal, Chong Pak Chong, Kamal, Low Choon Foi,Soon Chee Liang(don't know when change to Soon See Neo), Ong Siew Chuan,Ong Teck Huat,Nyasegar,Oon Chee Nong, Wan Lee Seng, Siah Boon Seng, Gan Chong Cher, Vijayakumar.
Girls standing from left to right:
Wong Chok Lan, Hanita, Phua Mei Kwei, Tey Kim Lay, Yau Yok Lan, Chong Mei Chen, Tan Ah Lai, S.Leelavathy, Lim Kim Hong, Chee Mee Lan, Seng Ah Ngoh, Habibah, Rosemary Tan, Ong Siew Ngor, Wong Yuet Ngor(don't know when she change from Wong to Huang), Yow Yin Moi, Saw Ah Fai, Ayesiah, Huan Meng Siang, Ng Lay Eng.
Front sitting from left to right:
Pang Ching Sing(Assistant Monitor), Ms Tan Chua Ngin(Maths teacher), Ms Tey Ah Choo(Civics teacher), Mr Ng Swee Moh(Science teacher), Mr Krisnanathan(Form teacher-English), Mr Ong Eng Leong(Geography teacher), Che Norani(Bahasa teacher), Mr Tang Chin Neo(PE and Arts teacher), Seng Jee Oun(Class Monitor).
Yok Chan, where were you? ponteng-ah!

(This photo from Lim Bee Huan's collection)

This is class 2B

Can somebody help me with the names?

This photo was taken inside the bus.

We were on the trip to KL on 24th and 25th Dec,1967.

Will the owner of the big leg identify himself?

This was the boys domitory.

One of the classrooms in St Gabreil School, Cochrane Road, KL.

In pyjamas and getting ready to call off the day.

(This photo from Lim Bee Huan's collection)

Trip to Kota Tinggi. It got to be Form 2B's trip.

(This photo from Lim Bee Huan's collection)

It says Farewell Party(1968), I think it is end of year party rather.

It was actually the year-end party for Form 2A and Form 2B.

Held on night of 31st December,1967 @ the canteen.

Girl Guides enrolment day.

(Photo from Huang Yuet Ngor's Collection.)